Controls: WASD/Arrows + Space OR Gamepad

Description: you need to cross a forest fighting off monsters, on the edges of the map there are houses, inside you can find a more powerful weapon

JS-sources: git-hub


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Very clever.  I love the visuals (especially the river), you gave it a lot of character while staying within the rules.

It seems a little long, and I could have sworn it was different the second time.  Is it randomly generated?

Thank you !

>  Is it randomly generated?
yes, for replayability

> it was different the second time
You can even complete the game with grey sword (default), but during the battle with the monsters you have to frequently dodge
or... You can walk along the edge of the map while avoiding monsters... =)

Quite neat. I would try to add just a little bit more weapon diversity and/or levels, though.

OK. The source code is available here

Very nice game ! Bravo !

thanx )